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[Review XCH4NGE] Instructions for buying and selling Bitcoin on the prestigious XCH4NGE trading platform

Referring to XCH4NGE, surely those who regularly trade electronic money will not be strange right! XCH4NGE is a trading platform to sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) established in the UK.   Review the main points of the XCH4NGE trading platform
The founding team of the XCH4NGE trading floor
The founders of the pre-encrypted XCH4NGE trading floor are all experienced people working in professional banks. They are also highly specialized in building systems for finance, pre-coding, payment systems and software development.
Advantages of XCH4NGE trading platform
  • This is a trading platform that provides Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) trading solutions, Tether, Bitcoin Cash to ensure the two most important criteria: ease of transaction execution and absolute security when participating exchanges.
  • The XCH4NGE trading platform is user-friendly, simple to design but highly effective in trading.
  • Customer support team works 24/7. The floor has an integrated chat box feature that allows users to communicate directly with the consulting team
  • Transaction fee on XCH4NGE floor is very reasonable
Should transactions be made on XCH4NGE?
One of the "plus points" that the number of participants on the XCH4NGE trading floor is increasing is the exchange rate on this floor is very good. Here, you can sell for a higher price and buy a lower price. Transaction fees are low and all transactions are secure. 
Xch4nge currently owns the most advanced technologies that allow you to trade and buy all electronic currencies on the professional trading platform. If you own an electronic currency and are looking for a reputable partner to trade, we will help you.
Xch4nge's trading platform provides full functionality to help traders easily use and trade, facilitating to attract more users.
The program introduces users
Users will receive a commission fee when referring other members to join the floor.
Trading orders
Trading matching tools help match 150,000 orders per second and different types of transactions.
Multi-currency Wallet (Multicurrency Wallet)
Exchange platform developed by Exchange Script integrates multi-currency wallet that allows storing many different electronic coins.
Support on mobile
Develop a mobile trading platform (Android and iOS operating systems) to help users trade on the phone anytime, anywhere.
Integrated payment gateway
Users can withdraw and recharge electronic money through payment gateway in many different ways.
API integration
Transactions on the floor are secured entirely by integrating the confirmation of mail and SMS services.
Multi-language support
When developing the trading floor, Xch4nge is committed to supporting popular languages ​​as required by customers such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, England, ...
Purchase / sale system
Advanced buy / sell system with payment options and fast buy / sell orders for leading electronic currencies.
Save time and cost
Electronic money trading on the floor will become faster with very low cost or zero cost.
Safe and reliable
The trading platform stored on the distributed system avoids overload if the server is broken.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) trading platform with high security via two-factor authentication system, prevents bad attacks to user accounts.
Smart contract
Electronic money is exchanged between buyers and sellers through smart and secure contracts.
Security system
Secure wallet: Coin or token will be stored in electronic wallet safely and securely with private key system and public key.
Two-factor authentication (2FA): Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a method of confirming a user's identity using two different elements: private key & QR scanner …

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