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[Review ICO] What is Daxico Trading Floor ?

Blockchain technology with its unique features and especially distributed data management, solving problems of trust - is changing the face of many areas in the world. In a digital economy, sellers and buyers can be directly connected without the need of an intermediary. Thereby, the transactions are done quickly and the transaction costs are reduced significantly. That's exactly what blockchain technology is helping to change the world.

Along with blockchain, electronic money is also emerging as an asset that investors everywhere around the world prefer. Although officials around the world are very cautious about this type of asset, and many countries have yet to come up with a clear legal framework for electronic money, In one day of electronic money still reached billions of dollars. This volume will not stop there when the world has more than 170 electronic exchange trading platform with more than 100,000 registered users every day.

The future of blockchain as well as electronic currencies is very difficult to predict. But at present, the electronic money industry is still in its infancy, and contains a tremendous potential for growth. At present, more and more development platforms are in place to address the problems of the traditional financial sector, and even address the backlashes of newly created modern technologies. Therefore, the number of financial solutions using blockchain technology is increasing, including DAXICO

Introducing Daxico Trading Floor

The development team (DAXI) realizes that the best way to create a good electronic money platform is to create a multi-functional, (functional platform). Daxico is a dream to be realized. is a centralized trading platform, an e-commerce website, an OTC platform, a virtual Masternode and a multi-platform e-wallet. These five different business models are based on Blockchain. This brings convenience to, unlike most other electronic money platforms.

As a result, we have a platform that provides users with many ways to make money. If you are a trader, you can use OTC platforms and decentralized exchanges to trade electronic money together to make a profit. If you just want to secure e-commerce, the decentralized e-commerce website will protect your money and personal information while providing cheaper transaction costs. If you are a miner or potential exploiter, you can decide to run a full masternode of Dexico or you can use virtual masternode if there are any hardware or internet connection restrictions from your location. friend. In general Dexico is a truly sustainable and less volatile ecosystem due to the utility provided by five business models.

Features of

Decentralized trading floor: A decentralized exchange will be one of the core components of ecosystem Recently, there have been increasing challenges for electronic money transactions. settings due to increased regulations, security issues, and order processing speed are resolved by

Virtual Masternode: One of the best ways to generate good income in the electronic money industry is to invest in creating or exploiting. This usually involves running a node or a masternode to provide consensus for the blockchain.

Decentralized e-commerce website: They also hope to launch a decentralized e-commerce site paid with DAXI. This will provide a coin utility while providing users with a risk-free way to purchase online. E-commerce businesses are the biggest target of hackers and fraudsters because payment systems are vulnerable to attack.

OTC platform: Since hierarchical exchanges provide a platform where individuals can exchange via blockchain, there is a need for a platform that provides opportunities for users to exchange between fiat and currency. digital. Any centralized exchange will have transparency issues.

Electronic wallet: The final service will be provided by Daxico as an electronic wallet providing crossplatform functionality. Developers want to ensure that users can keep their digital money safe by providing secure e-wallets. currently owns the most advanced technologies that allow you to trade and buy all kinds of electronic money on a professional trading platform. If you own an electronic currency and are looking for a reputable partner to trade, we will help you. trading floor provides full functionality to help traders easily use and trade, facilitating to attract more users.

The program introduces users 

 Users will receive a commission fee when referring other members to join the floor.

Trading orders

 Trading matching tools help match 150,000 orders per second and different types of transactions.

Multi-currency Wallet (Multicurrency Wallet)

Exchange platform developed by Exchange Script integrates multi-currency wallet that allows storing many different electronic coins.

Support on mobile 

Develop a mobile trading platform (Android and iOS operating systems) to help users trade on the phone anytime, anywhere.

Integrated payment gateway 

Users can withdraw and recharge electronic money through payment gateway in many different ways.

API integration 

Transactions on the floor are secured entirely by integrating the confirmation of mail and SMS services.

Information Token DAXI

Token: DAXI

Total Supply: 100,000,000 DAXI

Decimals: 8







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