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[Review ICO] What is Itex Exchange?

Introducing Itex Exchange

Itex was born with a clear idea, that is to achieve true decentralization with optimal and better control over existing operations on the market; For this reason, we will become a HYBRID Exchange, providing a number of benefits and technological advantages of decentralized exchanges to create high liquidity, security, customer protection and substance support. good quality.

This is no longer a news showing that the amount of electronic money in circulation has increased rapidly in the past year. This directly leads to a corresponding increase in trading volume. Some startups have made decisions that outweigh the wave of public interest in ICOs to raise funds for their businesses by allocating chips to investors. In addition, the refusal to continue the new blockchain continues to expand its industry. Although each new project seems to take advantage of the shortcomings of previous projects, we have not been able to identify a blockchain capable of achieving perfection in all its aspects.

Electronic money trading platforms have proven to be the driving force of blurring these ongoing projects. Indeed, they facilitate the exchange and exchange of encrypted currencies without our chips being invalid. That means there is a reserve of money and no goods or services to exchange.

These electronic money trading platforms have two main forms: Centralized decentralized exchange

Concentrated exchanges: On centralized exchanges, there is usually a regulatory body that manages the affairs of the entire ecosystem. They are often easy to use and users have easy access to advanced trading features

Decentralized exchange: decentralized exchange platforms without central decision makers. This type of exchange represents the true purpose of blockchain technology, "decentralization". Participants are fully secure their money and high level of data security is a major benefit.

In short, each type of trading floor has its own disadvantages. This has forced traders to choose the disadvantages that they are willing to face. I want you to spend some time imagining how an exchange platform that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges will be valuable to the pre-electronic ecosystem. general.

Presentation about ITEX

ITEX is a mixed switch designed to bring the technological benefits of decentralized exchange platforms and combine the main benefits of some centralized exchanges, including full liquidity, Security and positive customer support.

ITEX token

ITEX operates a chip-based ecosystem based on the Ethereum network. ITEX will be the engine of the ecosystem and will play a number of important roles for users, including:

  • Ability to vote for new electronic money lists.
  • The right to earn a percentage of the platform's total revenue.
  • ITEX token will act as an ecosystem in the ecosystem, facilitating exchanges with other electronic currencies. 
  • Holding ITEX gives you discounts on transaction fees.
  • In the process of selling chips, 200 million ITEX chips will be sold. 

Allocate ITEX token


After checking the different features of centralized and decentralized exchange platform. Obviously none of them really satisfied traders in any way. This has led to a group of well-anchored e-money enthusiasts looking to combine the best features of both types of trading platforms. In doing so, electronic money traders are guaranteed to get all the best features they want in a single platform.

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