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Miracle Tele - Mobile blockchain operator with symbolic rewards

What is Miracle Tele?

MiracleTele is a fully functional mobile virtual network operator provided by blockchain that provides calls and traffic around the world at reduced prices, provides telecom value-added services and allows Users receive rewards for the token owner every two weeks.

Their telecommunications ecosystem is an optimal and fully functional solution that combines advanced telecommunications features along with fintech tools. Miracle Tele will set new standards in the mobile telecommunications industry so that it becomes more competitive and innovative and helps customers get rewards thanks to blockchain technology and a collaborative economy.

Project characteristics

As you understand, Miracle Tele will appear before us in a slightly different form, not the more traditional form we are all familiar with. With the help of a wireless network, Miracle Tele intends to provide us, as a mobile subscriber, with higher quality services and higher profitability than mobile operators. system. Why so? And how is this possible, because some activities will be directly connected with the largest mobile operators in the world.

I will try to explain everything to you now:

  1. First, it is no coincidence that Miracle Tele intends to use the existing infrastructure of other major operators, while reducing the share of the lion's share.
  2. secondly, this savings will allow you to focus on the quality of service provided to customers, as well as develop your own marketing and development strategy;
  3. Third, Miracle Tele will allocate the entire online communication channel so that network operator users cannot exchange data, text messages and incoming / outgoing calls, but also exchange electronic money.

How necessary is this project?

Because TELE is a utility token, this is very important to us. We may use TELE token to purchase call packages and traffic worldwide as well as freely transfer your tokens or store them and receive rewards directly to your account balance or Your wallet every two weeks

How does MiracleTele work?

Mobile phones and their associated infrastructure have become an important part of today's life. An affordable novelty of the rich at a time, it's hard to imagine a world without mobile phones now.

As a virtual network that will operate in more than 163 countries, Miracle Tele does not have roaming charges, since all calls are considered local calls. The cost of sending is fixed at EUR 0.20 and calls are free. Data charges are also the lowest in the mobile industry, but vary by country.

Other benefits of Miracle Tele are:

Pay when you go: Miracle Tele does not require a contract and does not require documents to register (in addition to the name and address so that SIM cards can be shipped).

Virtual Number: Users can choose any number of virtual numbers they want. Virtual numbers from the US, EU, Canada, Australia and many other countries are available in between 2 and 3 EUR with monthly fees ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 EUR. The data packets are independent and users can browse the internet without.

Free service: WhatsApp and Telegram are available for free online.
Multi-currency deposit: The network supports a number of electronic and electronic currencies to recharge mobile credit.

Reward Program: Using stacking, users can place their TELE token on the platform and receive rewards in various electronic and electronic currencies. Rewards are based on 40% of the two-week net profit divided by the token owners.

Planning to launch its own proprietary blockchain in 2020 means it is possible to avoid transaction limits and Ethereum block chain transaction costs and offer much cheaper rates.

Details about ICO

If we talk about project tokens, their main function will be to allow users to pay for their telecommunications services with them, as well as purchase additional value options. At the same time, Tele token contributes to profits, which will be charged twice a week according to their specific terms. The token itself has the basic Ethereum block chain and the standard ERC-20 token basis. In the future, the founders of Miracle Tele plan to develop their own blockchain network to simplify all existing processes and directly use their token.

The token distribution is as follows:

Find out more about the project here:

Author: Tinhvo
Ethereum : 0x239521DeDe7D0c83F9b0Acbeb0f1060B65799B21

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